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Wikis in School - A Student-Centered Project

One of the major advantages of using a Wiki in a school setting is that the wiki, once created, is an education product that is extremely student-centered. Students have the ability to create something and share their knowledge with others. This has the potential to improve motivation as well as mathematical and technical skills.

Some articles about the use of wikis in K-12 schools can be found here.

Students are 21st Century Learners

To embed this you tube video, I first found the video on YouTube. (I could also use a video that students produced using a FlipCamera, etc.) While in page editing mode, I clicked on "Embed Widget", the TV icon. I chose the video option on the left side of the page, then chose YouTube. Then I followed the directions there to embed the video.

Teachers had something to say about this video!

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ok...i liked it. i dont like that it is so slow. i like the message.

I think it is a great idea to use technology in the classroom. The student control makes it a great motivator.I love the idea that the students can create and share their work in this way. I personnaly foulnd it difficult to schedule the use of the computer lab in my school. If assigned for homework you need to make sure that everyone has excess to the net. Also, I feel that maybe one student could go into someone's else work and change it.
Ditto on the availablility (or lack there of ) of computers. For a wealthy district we should have a computer ready for every child every day. I have used wikis with staff (MVMS Moodle) but haven't done enough with students. I plan to have students demonstrate math problems, activities etc. film each other with the flip camera then post to the wiki with an extra example for students to try on their own. Homework can be visiting the wiki and doing the problems after watching the video.

I think that every student should have the ability to use the most recent technology available. However, whether or not they get into Harvard also depends on the motivation they receive at home and the importance of education in their families.

Great idea!! But please make sure that all of the students have signed the permission form in order to use web 2.0 tools. We still have students that do not have the permission signed and we have a tech teacher trying to get all of the students in the building approved.