What are some ideas for using Wikis in Math?

  • In a geometry class, students could collaborate to make an interactive glossary of geometry terms. Each term could have its own page and students would be responsible for adding terms to their wiki as they are introduced in the class. Pages could include definitions, examples, pictures, etc.
  • In a pre-algebra class, students could work in groups to solve a problem of the week, then post their solutions on a wiki. Other students in the class would be responsible for viewing and understanding the pages.
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  • Students could be asked to respond to questions on the wiki, such as, '' What topics do you need review on before the next test?'' That way topics can be generated on the list created from the students input.
  • Have students collect data on several different subjects and then post the results on different types of graphs and have students respond to which graph was the easiest to obtain data from and which were the most difficult.
  • Students can access links that take them to short videos that explain a topic. Youtube and Brain-pop video links could be provided. Students can be encouraged to locate and post (with teacher okay) links to videos that supported their own understanding.

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